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The Purple Robe

• The Purple Robe is presented to a member of the Jupiter Dance Academy Performance Company on the opening night of each Spring Performance.

• The Purple Robe goes to a student whom the Jupiter Dance Academy staff believes has shown perseverance, dedication, and support to her fellow performers and Jupiter Dance Academy in general.

• The Purple Robe will be presented at a half-hour call on opening night to the student selected by the Jupiter Dance Academy staff.

• The recipient must wear The Purple Robe and circle the stage three times, while students reach out and touch The Purple Robe for good luck; recipient must visit each dressing room while wearing The Purple Robe.

• The new member adds a memento from the spring performance to The Purple Robe with the opening night date.

•The Purple Robe will be returned to a staff member of Jupiter Dance Academy prior to the opening night performance.

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